This past Sunday we worked with Melissa Coiffe to create a gardening system in two buckets. The system has a water reservoir so it’s great for moisture loving plants (herbs, tomatoes, eggplants) and for those who may not be able to water every day.

Come out to our Winter Festival on Family Day (Monday) Feb 18th 1 – 4 pm at the East York Community Centre to get a closer look at the system and enter your name in a draw to win a bucket container!

Step 1 – For top bucket cut out a circle slightly smaller than the base of a yogurt container. Drill 5 drainage holes outside of the hole.

Step 2 – Put 4 slices in the side of the yogurt container (see my finger)

Step 3 – Drill 2 drainage holes in the bottom bucket

Step 4 – Assemble by putting the yogurt container in the top bucket and put the two buckets together. Add some drainage cloth (the black cloth) into the bottom of the bucket and the yogurt container

Add soil, plant some seeds and watch your bucket garden grow!


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