Today we gathered at the Community Centre for a free workshop with Melissa Coiffe. We made natural hand salve.

First, what is a salve? I didn’t know until today. “It’s a semi-solid natural healing external healing mixture”.

Making your own lipbalm or hand salve is quite easy but best done with friends. The ingredients are easier to purchase in bulk. We made four batches of the stuff in just over an hour! See pictures below for the recipe and step by step instructions.

2 cups olive oil

2 TB Shea butter

3 TB coconut oil

1/2 cups shaved beeswax

1 TB vitamin E

5 drops essential oil (optional) – we added lavender and peppermint

Heating up the olive oil and melting in the Shea butter and coconut oil

Adding the grated beeswax once the Shea butter and coconut oil is melted in

Adding in the vitamin E and essential oil once the beeswax is melted in

Pouring in the liquid. Let it cool and set and enjoy! Good for dry lips, hands, and any other part of your body that has dry skin or just needs some extra salve love!

Join us for our next workshop on Sunday Feb 3rd on Balcony Gardening. We’ll each construct a bucket container with a water reservoir. It’s good for tomatoes, peppers, eggplant – heat loving plants that love consistent water. We’ll talk about seeds that are good for balcony gardening, soil and amendments. First ten participants get a free copy of Balcony Gardening!

To register email

Margaret enjoys her hand salve in a pink container.

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