As summer comes to an end, we are busy preparing for our 5th Harvest Festival. We hope you’ll join us as it’ll be sure to be an excellent celebration of what makes our community unique. There are so many exciting things planned for the free festival including the BBQ which is put on by Kennedy House.

Harvest Festival 2017

If you attended our spring festival, you’re familiar with the pop-up playground we ran with Healthy Kids Community Challenge. This pop-up playground will be setup in the community centre’s parking lot and include tons of fun materials like boxes, spools, dress for clothes, old kitchen tools, for kids to play with in a creative and curious way.

Spring pop-up playground

Alicia, who also volunteers at the Food Bank and runs our community kitchen, is hosting a parfait making activity for kids.

Ksenija, a neighbourhood artist, will help kids create signs from reclaimed wood.

The talented Community Centre staff will be doing balloon making, face painting and a karate demonstration!

New this year, we’ll be running a Good Food Market. This market will include a mix of affordable, local (and some organic) food. You can do some of your grocery shopping and let us know if this is something we should offer in the future.

We will be collecting food donations for the Food Bank which is run out of Bethany Baptist Church.

Okay that’s just some of the amazing activities you can enjoy at the Harvest Festival this year!

When: Sunday September 23rd, 12-3 pm

Where: East York Community Centre

Cost: Free

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