I love this time of year as the weather gets a bit cooler and Ontario produce is abundant in grocery stores, home gardens and farmer’s markets. It’s best when fresh and local. I try my best to eat as many peaches as possible but I also try make them into jam or put them in a jar with simple syrup just to preserve that taste of summer. That way, during a cold and dark winter day I can crack open a jar and remind myself that summer is not so far off!


Here’s a new recipe for peach jam I tried this year. It was a fun experiment as it doesn’t require pectin! What are you doing this year to preserve our seasonal fruit and vegetables?

This Sept 30th I’ll be hosting a preserving workshop at the community centre. The workshop is free and open to anyone who wants to come and help preserve some apples, pears, cucumbers (if they’re still in season), cabbage and strawberries. I hope to expose everyone to a variety of preserving methods (so you can pick what you prefer) including freezer jam, fridge pickles, fruit in simple syrup and canned applesauce. It’ll be a fun and relaxed atmosphere where I hope we can all share how we do our best to stock up on local produce when it’s in season. You can also expect to be put to work mixing pectin and sugar, slicing cucumbers and helping keep the water bath on the stove hot!

What: Preserving Workshop

When: Sept 30th 1 – 3 pm

Where: East York Community Centre, Games Room

Register below to ensure you have a spot and can take home some of the preserves!

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