This Sunday was a day of community fun as we closed down a portion of Torrens Ave and set up a pop-up playground. Thanks to Earth Day Canada and Healthy Kids Community Challenge for making this event possible.

I was amazed to see how naturally play came to kids as they walked up, saw a street full of all sorts of amazing materials (most of them former construction materials) and just dove in!

Torrens Ave was closed from 11 – 2 pm June 10th for a pop-up playground

We also planted our garden and had face painting, balloon making and rock painting. Thank you to the staff at East York Community Centre for bringing your talents and energy on a sunny Sunday!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So, now that we’ve done this once we want to know…should we close down the street for our Harvest Festival (late September)?

Stay tuned for information on upcoming workshops on gardening, preserving and community kitchens!

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