Spring is here and plants are starting to pop up from the ground. Our children’s garden has just been cleaned up thanks to some great volunteers. Now, we’re ready to get planting for the 2018 growing season!

We’re hosting a first (hopefully annual) spring garden planting celebration! For the garden this year we are hoping to plant a range of plants for both eating and for our birds, bees and butterflies! The celebration will be held on Sunday June 10th 12 – 2 pm at the Children’s Garden (next to the East York Community Centre).

We are looking for community members to grow some seedlings for us! If you have any seeds or seedlings for the garden please let Sarah Grant know (sarahgrant2015@gmail.com) so she can pick them up in advance of planting them in the garden. Or, you can bring them to the spring garden celebration on June 10th 12 – 2pm.

Below is a tentative outlineof what we’d like to plant in each of the 14 planters (bottom of the table is the planters closest to Pape Avenue).





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