Join us Sunday December 17th for the last community kitchen of 2017! We’ve had a wonderful year of delicious meals and company. Register here

In October we tried something new and instead of coming with a recipe and a set of ingredients we threw caution to the wind and invited you to bring some ingredients! We were inspired by the Stone Soup folk tale which reminds us that together as a community we can create beautiful (and delicious) things when we work together! We made two soups. The first included onions, garlic, peppers, vegetable broth, peas, chick peas, kidney beans, tomatoes, barley, rice, potatoes and carrots. Whew! What a soup!

The second soup was blended together to be a creamy style and included: onions, garlic, peppers, vegetable broth, potatoes and carrots. It was amazing to see that everyone enjoyed the spontaneity of creating a meal together with what we have. It not only resulted in two delicious soups but also resulted in more laughter, co-creation and ultimately a stronger community.

In November, the weather turned chilly so we made…chilly! Cornbread as well because we needed something to dip into our chilly!

Join us in December to cook and be merry and enjoy! We’ll be creating and enjoying lasagne and a holiday themed bread pudding! If you have an allergy or food sensitivity let us know and we can experiment to try and find a recipe that works for you! Register here

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