You’re invited to a stone soup

This month we’re trying something new with our Community Kitchen! We’re running it as a Stone Soup! 

In brief, stone soup is a folktale that begins with just a stone in some water in a pot over a fire. In the end, due to a stranger’s charisma and the community’s desire to contribute, a delicious soup is created out of collaboration amongst the whole community. It’s a tale that reinforces the belief that we all have something valuable to contribute.

The October Community Kitchen is open to anyone who is interested in attending. All you need to bring is yourself and any small contribution you’d like to the stone soup (e.g. vegetables, herbs, grains, meat).

We look forward to seeing you there!

Date: October 22nd, 2017
Time: 3 – 6 pm
Location: East York Community Centre, Games Room and Kitchen
Please Register here

Please note that we’ve recently shifted our communication from mass emails to blog updates. You can now stay up to date on All In via facebook!

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