You may have noticed that we have a new name, new logo (well we didn’t really have one before), a new website and (in progress) a new facebook page!

Our rebranding has been a work in process since March when two community members, Sarah and Jenn gathered to discuss our presence in the community. We agreed that there are many things we can do to boost awareness and get more people involved in our group and that we need to start with a new logo and then quickly realized it’s probably better if we find a more memorable name too!

Below is an outline of the process we took to get us

FROM East York Neighbourhood Initiatives (EYNI) (we didn’t have a logo or an active online presence)


Our rebranding journey

  1. Hosted a logo competition among our community. Two winners were selected – one adult and child. These logos provided inspiration to the graphic designer.
  2. Surveyed our Community Advisory Group regarding our presence in the community – it was agreed that in addition to a logo it would be helpful to change our name to something a bit more memorable (and less of an acronym)
  3. Solicited name suggestions from all members of our community through our email list
  4. From a list of about 15 names, asked people to vote on their favourite first at the Garden Seeding in June and then through our email list.
  5. Only one vote was required as the top choice had twice as many votes as the second place name. We chose the name ‘All In’ which in the words of one community member “All In represents how we like to live in our community, we are all in!”
  6. The name and some guidelines were provided to a graphic designer in our neighbourhood who graciously donated his time and talents
  7. The graphic designer provided 3 logos. Our Community Advisory Group met to review the logos. We agreed that we liked all three and had suggestions to improve all of them.
  8. Once the logos were revised our Community Advisory Group then voted on our preferred logo.
  9. Since then, we’ve been busy creating our new website and facebook page (which is a work in progress).

It has been personally a very gratifying process as trust in the process meant we got to a beautiful result that we can all be proud of!

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